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About Edmonton Martial Arts

At Edmonton Martial Arts, we teach our students discipline, respect, and humility through professional martial arts. Our goal is to help others build confidence and honour with our programs. We are a firm believer that confidence is the main facilitator of success. EMA’s founder, Rudy Saleh, is proof of this. Martial Arts allowed Rudy to gain confidence which pushed him to become a world Martial Arts champion.

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Our Founder
Rudy Saleh

Edmonton Martial Arts was founded in 2018 by Rudy Saleh. He has been practicing karate for over 44 years and is now a Black Belt 8th Dan Karate Shotokan. After winning 4 world championships, including African championships, Arab World championships, and the Mediterranean Sea championships, he decided to build this organization to motivate others to maintain a healthy lifestyle while learning martial arts. He is now a certified personal trainer and a certified instructor who has a master’s degree in physical education which he earned in Egypt.

Rudy’s passion for martial arts is what pushed him to found Edmonton Martial Arts. Through martial arts, Rudy gained confidence that influenced him to face anything in life with courage and determination. These traits are some things he wishes to teach others through martial arts.

Our Instructors

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Rudy Saleh

Karate Shotokan | Kickboxing | Weapons Sparring | Self-Defence

Rudy is a Black Belt 8th Dan Karate Shotokan that has been practicing karate for over 45 years. He has won over 4 world championships in martial arts, including an African championship, Arab World championship, and a Mediterranean Sea championship. Although Rudy specializes in various forms of martial arts, his main forte is Shotokan/Kata. He is also a certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in physical education, which he earned in Egypt.

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Devon Tordoff

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Devon is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. He began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2010 wanting an activity to help him stay in shape. He fell in love with the sport and has competed in two World Championships and numerous local tournaments. Devon has carried his Jiu-Jitsu knowledge and skills into four amateur MMA fights. He received his BJJ black belt from Pedro Lott in 2022.

Mohamed Alkhatib


4th-degree black belt

Kawather Taha


Kawather has a 2nd-degree black belt

AJ Asankski


3rd-degree black belt

Customer Reviews

What People Say?

My son has been attending classes here for over a year now and is still excited about attending class every week. Rudy makes the lessons both fun and interesting for kids of various ages. The kids not only learn an amazing new skill, they learn discipline and respect as well. Whenever they have belt exams, students are encouraged to display what they've learned and then feel a sense of accomplishment when they succeed. If I could give more stars, I would! Edmonton Martial Arts checks every box in what you'd look for in a Martial Arts facility. Highly recommend!
Nikki O
Rudy is an excellent instructor and will make you the best version of yourself. I have found that I am able to learn more skills in less time at this dojo, and have been very pleased with my progress. You will not be disappointed!
Howie Liao
I highly recommend and its very nice place to teach kids and adults too. My kid is in love with the karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. Friendly environment and professional teachers!
Nivin El