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Who We Are

About Edmonton Martial Arts

Edmonton Martial Arts is a martial arts academy located in the Northgate area of North Edmonton. Our dojo is equipped with all the modern equipment necessary for practicing self-defense techniques. We offer several classes for various styles of martial arts, including karate, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, aikido, and more. Our children and adult martial arts classes are all led by experienced instructors.

However, our martial arts studio is not just a place to learn self-defense techniques. Our dojo is a place for personal development, physical fitness, and building a sense of community. Our ultimate goal is to help students achieve a harmonious balance between the body and mind, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life through martial arts. 


Empowering Our Students

Expect Fun & Excitement When You Join Our Martial Arts Club

One of the activities that our students always look forward to is showing their newly learned skills and abilities. Whether that’s through individual and team demonstrations or tournaments.

At Edmonton Martial Arts, we promote healthy competition and sportsmanship. We motivate our students to face challenges with courage and support from our team. Our Karate students work hard to learn new techniques every class, from Karate Shotokan to Kyokushin.

Therefore, every quarter, we host events for students to demonstrate their new-found skills to friends and families! We also encourage our students to join competitions where they can further test their abilities as they practice good sportsmanship. Through team demos and tournaments, our students have been able to overcome their fears, build team spirit and boost their confidence. Most importantly, the students get to develop friendships and experiences while having fun!

Our Values

What We Stand For

Quality Instruction

We have highly trained self-defense instructors with years of experience, dedicated to providing the best learning experience.

Personal Growth

We believe in promoting overall growth and development beyond just physical training, helping students develop confidence and discipline.

Fun and Engaging

Our classes are designed to be high-energy and fun, making it easier for students to stay motivated.


Our fully equipped training facility is designed with safety in mind, ensuring our students can train and develop their self-defense skills with peace of mind.

The Story Behind​

Edmonton Martial Arts’ History

Edmonton Martial Arts was founded in 2018 by Rudy Saleh, a Black Belt 8th Dan Karate Shotokan. From its inception, the objective has been to provide high-quality martial arts lessons to kids and adults. The dojo began with only Rudy as the instructor, offering karate classes that would help students learn self-defense while boosting their confidence and discipline.
As we welcomed more students, our classes expanded to include kickboxing, aikido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, taught by other highly experienced instructors. Today, we are proud to offer a wide range of classes, ranging from beginner to advanced classes, available to adults and children ages 4 years and up.
Our mission remains the same: to provide top-quality martial arts classes that help students develop physical and mental strength. Join us today and become part of our growing martial arts community!

We have a team of highly skilled educators and instructors who will take great care of your children while they’re in our academy. At Edmonton Martial Arts, we are firm believers that play is how children learn. Therefore, our program is curated to incorporate play into the learning process, allowing children to explore and develop at their own pace. 

Enroll your child in our before and after-school program today and see the positive impact that martial arts can have on their growth and development.

Rudy Saleh

A Message From Our Founder

Hello! I am Rudy Saleh, Edmonton Martial Arts’ founder and president of the Canadian Traditional Karate Federation. Sometimes, trying out a new sport can be frightening, whether you’re starting as a child or as an adult. I started my martial arts journey with a lot of uncertainty.
However, as I continued practicing different styles of martial arts, I began to notice a positive impact on my physical and mental well-being. Joining various competitions improved my confidence and discipline. It taught me more about respect, humility, and honour. Practicing martial arts introduced me to new communities and experiences that opened many doors and taught me many life lessons.
I chose to specialize in Karate as it fit my personal goals and preferences best. Karate pushed me to develop a stronger work ethic, making me work harder and become a world Martial Arts Champion. After years of training, I proudly became a Black Belt 8th Dan Karate Shotokan and the president of the Canadian Traditional Karate Federation. I now hold multiple karate championships, including an African championship, an Arab world championship, and a Mediterranean Sea championship.
In 2018, I decided that I wanted to share my expertise and knowledge in martial arts with others in hopes that they would also find new communities and experiences that will help them succeed. Thus, I founded Edmonton Martial arts which offers various martial arts classes for adults and children ages 4 years and up.
I am very proud to have helped many improve their confidence and find a new way of life. I hope to be able to continue sharing my 45+ years of expertise with many more students at Edmonton Martial Arts.

Why Choose Us

The Benefits Of Joining Our Martial Arts Club

Free Trial 

Experience one of our classes before committing to full membership with our no-obligation free trial! Contact us for more details.


Confidence & Discipline

Our martial arts training programs’ curriculums are curated to assist you in raising your confidence and developing discipline. 


Useful Self-Defense Skills

Edmonton Martial Arts classes will provide you with the skills necessary to defend yourself in real-life situations. 

Experienced Instructors 

Learn martial arts from our world-class instructors who bring years of experience and expertise to our dojo, providing the best possible training.


Fitness & High Energy Classes 

Our classes are designed to be high-energy and physically challenging, helping you get fit and stay in shape while learning self-defense techniques.


Affordable and Convenient

Our pricing and schedule options are designed to be affordable and convenient for everyone, making it easy to fit martial arts training into your busy lifestyle. We even offer an after-school program for children of grade school age!

Leadership & Sportsmanship

At our martial arts dojo, we promote both individuality and team building, fostering leadership and sportsmanship through competition and team activities.


Family Discount

Take advantage of our family discount to make martial arts training an affordable and enjoyable family activity. Contact us to learn more.


Fun and Engaging

We aim to keep the learning experience fun and engaging by encouraging students to participate in team demos and tournaments.

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Our Instructors

Radwan Saleh

Karate Shotokan | Kickboxing | Aikido | Self-Defence

Black Belt 8th Dan Karate Shotokan
4 world championships

Master’s Degree in Karate Science, Physical Education  
Certified Personal Trainer
President of Canadian Traditional Karate Federation

Jared McComb

MMA | JIU-Jitsu


2nd Place Winner in Brown Belt Division (World Master’s 2020)

Black Belt Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

Customer Reviews

What People Say?

My son has been attending classes here for over a year now and is still excited about attending class every week. Rudy makes the lessons both fun and interesting for kids of various ages. The kids not only learn an amazing new skill, they learn discipline and respect as well. Whenever they have belt exams, students are encouraged to display what they've learned and then feel a sense of accomplishment when they succeed. If I could give more stars, I would! Edmonton Martial Arts checks every box in what you'd look for in a Martial Arts facility. Highly recommend!
Nikki O
Rudy is an excellent instructor and will make you the best version of yourself. I have found that I am able to learn more skills in less time at this dojo, and have been very pleased with my progress. You will not be disappointed!
Howie Liao
I highly recommend and its very nice place to teach kids and adults too. My kid is in love with the karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. Friendly environment and professional teachers!
Nivin El